Are you on the verge of resurfacing your inground pool in Houston, TX? That’s fantastic!

Inground Pool Resurfacing and Equipment Upgrades

Your swimming pool is going to look beautiful once the resurfacing project is complete.

Do you know all of your inground pool resurfacing options? If not, we’d like to share some of the more popular options with you today. When all is said and done, you’ll know precisely what to consider when you finally sit down and plan your inground poor resurfacing project.

The Best Inground Pool Resurfacing Options Houston, TX

The main pool resurfacing options include the following:

 Painting – as far as resurfacing goes, applying a new coat of paint is certainly a nice thing to do, but it is not going to solve your long-term problems. If you use high quality epoxy paint, this is an excellent way to resurface your pool and do so at an affordable price. But truth be told, this is just a Band-Aid and nothing more. We actually recommend saving up for a better, more expensive renovation because it’s the better solution over the long run.

 Plaster – in many backyard inground swimming pools, plaster is an excellent option because it’s durable, cheap, and used quite commonly. This might not be the most attractive looking way to resurface your pool, but it is definitely effective and it’s not a bad looking backdrop for the water in your pool. The overall appearance looks clean, and since plaster comes in different colors, you’ll have many resurfacing color options available to choose from. Talk with one of our pool service experts to address all your resurfacing cost questions.

 Fiberglass – this might not be the most popular choice, but fiberglass resurfacing is definitely one of your available options.

 Tiles – tiles are probably the most popular option as far as poor resurfacing in Houston goes, but they are also the most expensive. So keep it in mind when you consider poor resurfacing now or in the future.

Equipment Upgrade Options for Houston Pool Owners

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If you plan to upgrade your pool equipment now or in the future, here are some of the most popular and typical options:

 Pool pumps – many people like to upgrade their pool pump to an energy-efficient version.

 Pool filters – a popular upgrade is to change your filter so that it takes advantage of the latest filtration methods. A hybrid filter is currently one of the more popular choices right now.

 Pool heaters – if you have a heated swimming pool, upgrading your heater to solar, propane, or natural gas is a common choice.

Inground Pool Renovation Ideas

Other styles to consider for your swimming pool renovations are Rock Formations, Waterfalls, Water Features, Beach Entry, Colored Lights, Water Slides and more.


Are you ready to take advantage of inground pool resurfacing? Or do you plan to upgrade your pool swimming pool equipment soon? Call us 281-661-7083 immediately to find out how we can help.